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Tableau artmagazine, November 2006, referring to an exhibition at Galerie de Vlierhove, Blaricum, Holland.
"The world according to Michiel Schrijver is a world of waiting and expectation, between hope, fear, longing and happiness.Waiting for Godot or for a prince in shining armour, waiting for good news or for a disaster." writes Wim Hazeu in the recently released book about the artist. Schrijver leaves it to the spectator and gives him a chance to write his own sequel. Moreover the painter is a master in creating titles for his paintings, and often allow different interpretations: 'In the depth of time', 'Flows of remembrance','Time for the future'. "Of course many questions arise about the world I create, but I don't need to know the answer. If I do I might lose something'', so he says.
In his paintings people play a minor role in a overwhelming architecture. Certain elements frequently return: buildings with pillars, domes and arches, often provided with ribbons and flags,or signs with arrows, numbers and figures. They have no symbolic meaning, but purely a pictorial function. The sea is always a determining factor: ''Water flows, it's always moving.
And it brings you any place. To unknown isles and as far as over the horizon. That intrigues me. But also staying home within the security of the harbour that gives us comfort, is attractive'', Schrijver says. His painted world is one of desire, we have to continue our journey through his world.

Tableau artmagazine 2006