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schilderijen nov.2010 002.jpg

Noordhollands Dagblad, May 14th, referring to an exhibition at Museum Mohlmann, in Venhuizen, Holland

Schrijver playfully paints about nostalgia and disire.
Colonades with 'floors' of reflecting seawater, ladders without rungs and boats at rest are quite normal in the dreamworld, full of expectations, painted by the artist Michiel Schrijver. Ribbons, sheets and other material become gracious details. More puzzling are the prisms, spheres and octahedrons, which in a setting of stairs and labyrints remind us of the graphic work by Escher.
His paintings are executed with precision and accuracy. A lot of attention has been given to texture, perspective, light and shadow effects. Broad seascapes with beautiful atmospheric skies play an important part...
....Michiel Schrijver leaves it to the viewer to interpret his work without an explanation from himself. He places the image above the word, but does express himself by the strenght of poetry: ''Through the labyrint of his thoughts he searches for the final truth'', he writes in the book 'Realism 2003'. '' Where words mean nothing. Just an attempt to approach. In image, in paint becomes his part''.

Noordhollands Dagblad 2004